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Hosting review platforms to look out for in 2019

Every great idea that can potentially be the next billion-dollar business begins with a website and a hosting plan. It would not be wrong if we said any great idea is only as good as the hosting plan you choose. Founders have to be on their toes, searching for best website hosting platforms for their business and ensuring customers have a great experience. Entrepreneurs have an extremely difficult choice to make. But here is what happens:

  • Any Google search about website hosting platform throws thousands of results. Most of which are promoted and biased towards a particular hosting provider
  • Most of the searches throw links where there is hardly any data backed opinion
  • Only few hosting review platforms went to the extent of checking everything a hosting provider claims

You could be one of those entrepreneurs working on the next big thing or a flower shop owner looking to set up your online store with highest uptime guarantee? Categories like Pricing, UX, Performance, Features and Support happen to be critical items when selecting a hosting plan. 

This is where we propose looking at reviews posted by TechRadar and  Hosting Review. We reviewed most of the platforms which ran an article on keywords like “Best Website Hosting Platforms” etc. Most of the platforms were biased and offered no real time insight backed by data generated through the so called tests as called out in those articles. 

Do not worry yet! We found out that hosting review articles published by TechRadar and Hosting review understood the challenges faced by business owners and offered reliable insights from real-time customers apart from personally testing multiple hosting providers. That should be the way to go and TechRadar has nailed it in most of their website hosting review articles.

Their hosting comparison features as highlighted on the published articles are extremely easy to understand and implement. And hell yeah, that’s an informed decision-making process made easier for current and future business owners. 

Finding web hosting reviews

It’s as easy as just selecting the hosting provider companies you want to compare and Voila you are done! You can check user ratings and reviews apart from scores allotted by either TechRadar or Hosting Review on categories like reliability, Pricing, User Experience, Support and Features. We compared the keyword “Best website hosting platform articles” and we think the ones run by Tech Radar and Hosting Review were quickest in helping us reach a decision about our next hosting provider, results were extraordinarily explained. This was super easy to use.

Lean and higher profit is the way to go for most of the early stage business owners. Website builders have helped millions of people get online and blog or sell their products. There are loads of them on the market like Wix, Godaddy, WordPress etc. Paul Mahony of Hosting Review quotes an interesting observation; "There are thousands of new businesses every day. Its critical to find the right hosting, platforms, and tools for these new businesses to grow further. Hosting review does exactly that." 

Entrepreneurs are running for time and successful people are always pressed for their next big advantage. It’s a painstaking job to create multiple accounts on hundred’s of platforms and track their performance so that you could help the next entrepreneur with an educated and realistic approach. The best aspect is yet to come however. Wondering how some entrepreneurs never have to worry about their website hosting? It’s the punctuality and sincere dedication with which platforms like Tech Radar and Hosting Review write their articles. 

Both these platforms create accounts on each host in order to track and record uptime and server speeds. Terms of service and pricing can be really confusing for normal users to understand so they go ahead and validate the possible downsides. Reliability and strength of cPanel software is power tested. 

Finally, they go ahead and check the customer support reliability and proactiveness. Like billionaires say; any service provider is only as good as its customer support.

Choosing a web host

Still confused about which hosting provider to use? Don’t be! These platforms have too many articles on these topics and understand that the requirements vary as per required needs. All you need to do is answer basic questions like the kind of website you want to build, CMS you want to use, size of your website, preferred data center location and your preferences regarding OS and user recommendations. 

Look for the following when selecting your website hosting provider.

  • Are you getting what you have paid for?
  • Is the customer support best in business?
  • Are your considering the recommendations by platforms like Tech Radar and Hosting review?
  • Are you looking for a short term or long-term hosting solution? We suggest long term approach.
  • Is the pricing matrix easiest to understand for

 Ekalavya Hansaj, Chief Marketing Officer at Bouncegate